8 Days Out….

March 6th, the date of the most important 9 lifts of the past 2 months.  So what goes on the last week before competition?  The hardest part is making yourself take it easy, and I mean NO heavy lifting.  You want your body to be prepared, but have that time to recover and be full on go for competition day. 

Being 8 days out, today was my final 1RM bench day before next Saturday.  It was awesome!  I got a new personal best at 145#.  That’s 5lbs up from the last PR attempt a week ago.  Looks like the training has been paying off!  Let me put this in perspective, my last competition was December 12th during which my lifts were the following; Squat 231lbs, Bench 127.7lbs, and deadlift 270.5lbs.  3 months later, and with 3 weeks off, I have a bench that is almost 20 lbs higher, a squat I am hoping to hit at 240lbs, and a deadlift I am hoping to hit 280lbs.  For all intensive purposes, a 5 lb increase per month in your PR is a good gauge and a realistic goal.  Anything more may be tough, unless your weights are on the low side compared to bodyweight. 

So here is the schedule for the next week, a good one to follow and one that still allows me to hit that PR prior to competition.  The advantage being the mental preparation for competition day. 

Saturday: OFF Day

Sunday: Heavy squat & Deadlift attempt 1 rep max

Monday: light lifting (speed bench, push ups, cardio)

Tuesday: light lifting & cardio (squats, deadlift 1/4 pulls)

Wednesday: light lifting

Thursday & Friday: OFF

Saturday: THE BIG DAY!!

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