New To Working Out?

Written by Melissa

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Since it is January, that means that there will be a large population of newbies (people who are new to working out or returning after a long break) and it is hard to first get yourself motivated.  Some people take the route of hiring a personal trainer, which I recommend.  Others try it on their own and fall into the “comfort cardio trap”, where due to nervousness, they go straight for the cardio machines.  Cardio is beneficial to your body, especially your heart, but the problem is you don’t want to fall into that slump.  Another option?  Bodyweight resistance exercises, circuit training, non-machine cardio, and new things!  

Here is an example of a workout that is easy to do, can be done anywhere, and requires LITTLE machinery. 

Warm up: jump rope 5 mins, every time you break you do 10 jumping jacks

Workout: squats, situps, push ups, lunges…..5 sets; 30 reps, 25 reps, 20 reps, 15 reps, 10 reps (Goal is to do all sets back to back with as little rest as possible.  To increase difficulty add 10 lb dumbbells on the squats and lunges)


Finishing piece: Cycle intervals (sprint 1 min w/ RPM 90+, slow 1 min at 11mph), 10 rounds

This will also help you find the weaknesses you an work on and those muscles that may be tighter and need more attention in the area of stretching and foam rolling.  Get in there, get it on, make your body work for you!!

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