Twas a Most Long Monday

Written by Melissa

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Such a long day from 7am to 8 pm, BUT….good news is I was able to sneak in 2 workouts.  Well, one was just cardio.  Still, with today being my speed upper body day, I decided to take the first workout as a long bike session.  My afternoon was 2 rep speed benches @ 115 which was challenging.  I also worked on my triceps immediately after.  Then did a little row, situp piece to hit my back & shoulders a bit.  The objective?  To hit the smaller muscles groups which are going to help me max out on my bench. 

Since trying this new training method, I can tell a difference already.  The lifts feel easier (all relative) and I feel more confident because 2/week I have exposure to the muscles I need to hit PRs.  To be successful, we need to work on those things that we are not good at.  This is my mission for the next 5 weeks.

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