Keeping Your Hips Actively Open

Written by Melissa

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Most people are spending more and more time at a computer or sitting at a desk during the workday.  The price is paid by your hips!  After being tightened and in the shortened position for such a long period, it can be difficult to get them to open up.  Here are some solutions you can use to loosen up and improve your workouts. 

1) Leg Kicks: Standing upright, swing each leg forward 10 times, then to the outside, the inside, and behind you.  This will open up your hips and get those muscles warmed up. 

2) Squat Hip Stretch: Squats are a good way to warm up your hips.  Start from a standing position, feet a little wider then shoulder width apart, toes turned slightly outward.  Keeping your upper body as upright as possible, squat down into a deep squat, past the point of tension.  As you hang out at the bottom, keeping your feet on the ground, sway side to side.  As you sway to the left, push your right knee outward and then switch sides.  Repeat 20 times at the bottom. 

3) Lunging Hip Stretch:Start kneeling down on the floor.  Bring one leg in front of you to get in that lunge position.  You want your front foot past the 90 degree mark, so make sure it is a in front of your front knee.  Keeping your upper body upright, lean forward from the front leg meanwhile pushing your hips forward and squeezing your glutes.  You should feel a good stretch in both your hips and quadriceps.  Hold each side for 1 minute. 

These 3 simple stretches alone will give you a good 5 minute warm up to get your hips opened up.  After a long day of sitting and inactivity, the last thing you want to do is jump into a workout that can result in injury.

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