In Preparation for Competition

Written by Melissa

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With 6 weeks to go to train and get my weights up to par, I am feeling the pressure to stay aggressive and focus my workouts on those activities that are going to help me achieve PR’s.  With a schedule set and the initial “back from vacation pain” out of the way, let’s get going!  Today’s attack, the bench press, probably my weakest of the 3 lifts. 

We tried something new, taking some of the resistance off of the bottom of the lift using bands.  The motivation behind this?  The tough part of the lift is not the decent (obviously gravity helps greatly with that), it is not getting the bar off of your chest into the ascent, but it is from about midway through the ascent to lockout.  By using the bands, it takes some of the resistance off of the decent and partly in the ascent.  The lower you are in the ascent, the more the bands are helpful.  What this does is allows me to increase the weight and still stay focused on locking out those elbows and finishing the lift.  Below is a bench done at 190lbs, which is about 55lbs over my current 1 rep max.

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