Good Morning Saturday!

Written by Melissa

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Saturday, though not a day off, is a day that is a little bit open as far as workouts go.  I try to focus on my deadlifts and/or the ancillary workouts that will help me in my deadlifts.  Today’s choice?  Good mornings.  They are a great lower back/ hamstring exercise and I think people feel a little bit safer doing them on their own, as opposed to deadlifts.  The most challenging part is ensuring your back stays straight, which means shoulder blades back.  If you have a prominent weakness in your shoulders, abs, lower back, or upper back then it will make it very difficult to keep your upper body straight through the motion. 

Start with a light bar, maybe just the bar or even a preweighted bar if you are a little skittish.  You want to get the bar in a low squat position (resting a little above mid shoulder blade).  Ensure your grip is firm so that the bar doesn’t slip onto your neck as you bend down.  Now the important part is remembering you bend at the hips, not through your back.  This seems to be a challenge for most people learning deadlifting early on.  As you bend forward at your hips, your butt will go back and your knees may bend slightly, depending on your hamstring flexibility.  The goal is to get your upper body parallel to the ground and then stand back up, pushing those hips forward as you ascend. 

If you are looking to strengthen your lower back, improve your deadlift, work on shoulder strength, or work on your hamstrings, good mornings are a great exercise to work into your lifting schedule.

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