Back to Work

After a long 2 week “break”, my body is in dire need of a good butt kicking workout again!  Europe was amazing and I even made sure to workout while there, but of course the level of intensity was not what it should be.  It is a tall order to keep up with your training regimen while on a vacation, trip, or just on the road for work, but as hard as it is it is necessary to keep your body moving.  Running, jumping rope, walking, body weight exercises…..all great ways to keep it moving! 

I have an upcoming powerlifting competition at the end of February and that means, back to work!  I can’t remember the last time I took a week off from hard core training so this past week I did just that.  I still incorporated cardio (walking, running, jumping rope, abs), but didn’t really do any lifting.  How does it feel now?  It feels like my body is back from a nice break and ready to kick some butt.  My goals?  Gert my weights up, get my deadlift up to 300lbs, my squat up to 245lbs, and my bench  up to 160lbs.  (Is it obvious which half of my body I favor??  :-) 

As we get deeper into the new year, remember, just because you can’t do your normal “routine” workout doesn’t mean that you an’t do something beneficial for your body.  Keep moving, switch it up, and don’t forget that a missed day is not a cause for throwing in the towel.  It’s easy to get off track.  A slip is expected, but it’s how quickly you can get back on course that shows strength.  My focus for the week is to test my strength (squats, DL, bench, presses, O-lifts), work on conditioning and endurance, and test my wrist for recovery gains (if you remember back in the second half of last year I injured my wrist on a 1 rep max clean attempt). 

I have only one thing to say….Let’s Get It On!

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