100 and Pushing Forward….

Written by Melissa

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As my 101 post, I want to make it a little lighthearted and address a topic of concern for ALL those who workout regularly.  It’s the 2 week rush to success!  Every January, for the first 3 weeks, all gyms see an influx of those “resolutionites”.  That’s right, the people who are driving to reach that New Year’s goal.  “I’m going to lose that 20 lbs I’ve been carrying around since college.” “This year is different.  I’m coming in everyday!”  “I have to drop 3 dress sizes in 3 weeks!”  All heard before, all valid goals(maybe not possible) , and surely all short lived. 

With all the push to make that change early in the year, why is there such a low success rate?  Well, it’s hard to jump into something that is uncomfortable, something that is so much about image and physical appearances.  When I made that BIG change, I invested in a trainer.  Not that I didn’t know how to workout, but because I wanted something new and more efficient.  It pays to pay the trainer, period!  Look for someone who has a personal workout goal, a trainer who him/herself is working on personal achievement.  Be picky, make sure you’re comfortable or there is no way you are going to push yourself to come in and spend an hour with this person.  It is a worthwhile investment that I can proudly say, I still invest in!  Yes, the trainer has a trainer, but more like a coach.  A mentor and continual learning is the key to keeping up with a changing industry. 

And to all of those hard core gym goers…..hang in there, those 3 week wonders will soon be gone and we will get our gym back!

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