Vacations and Workouts, Oh My!

Written by Melissa

Topics: Workout Planning

As I’m preparing for my trip to Europe, I keep thinking of how and where to workout while I’m gone for  weeks.  Good news…you can run anywhere.  Bad news…not sure where I can lift.  Lots of people will be traveling this time of year and the hardest part is getting your workout done in a new place, with possibly limited equipment. 

When training clients, my main motto is as few machines as possible.  Developing a dependency on machines can hinder your progress and make it easy to not workout.  Staying in shape in any surrounding makes for a much happier and lower stress workout.  Shoulder press machine?  Nope, grab a sandbag.  Chest press?  Nope, start some push ups.  Leg press?  No, squats with body weight, sandbag, tire, ANYTHING!  It takes some thought, but makes for a more intense, practical, and realistic workout regimen.

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