Who doesn’t want to lift?

For some people, Olympic lifting is a part of everyday life, but for some it is a scary weightlifting activity that only huge, muscle men do in the Olympics.  Next time you’re in the gym, look around and notice the exercises that people are doing.  That person you see each day, on the same machines, who has never changed.  That woman who picks up the 3lb DB, gets on a ttreadmill, and walks for 60 minutes.  If you’re looking for the status quo, these could be your perfect mentors.  If you’re looking to get strong, increase your speed and reaction times, cement your body to prevent injury in everyday activity, or even hit that PR on your snatch……then look away! 

“When most people go to the gym to build strength or to just get in shape, however, they seem to forget all about Olympic lifting and go straight to the shiny new machines and the cardio equipment. The problem with that is that one of the best ways to build muscle fast and to improve functional strength is through a weight lifting plan that includes some weight lifting exercises. Exercises like the power clean, the clean and jerk, the behind the neck push press, and the high pull will do wonders for your development.”

It is EXTREMELY important to make sure form is a priority when lifting, so heed the advice of a trainer or coach.  My advice?  Next time you’re in the gym and you see that girl/guy going for a 10 rep set of clean & jerks, WATCH!  Let that person become your guide to strength and increased performance.

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