Two Week Countdown to C-Day

December 12th is approaching, my first powerlifting competition.  How do I feel?  Pumped!  Weights feel light, I feel good and I’m looking forward to it.  Chances are I won’t place top 3, BUT the experience alone will help me in the next meet.  Here’s my plan for the week’s workouts:

Monday: Squat Heavy 2reps/Bench Heavy 3

Tuesday: Misc

Wednesday: Deadlift Heavy 2/Cardio

Thursday: Squat Heavy 1 rep/Bench Heavy 1 rep

Friday: Misc

Saturday: 1/4 Deadlifts @ 110% of max/Cardio

Sunday: OFF


Focus on the lifts, need to get my bench up and be more aggressive.  Ready to get it done!!

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