Nothing Replaces Intense Training

Written by Melissa

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Wi Fit….thoughts?  I recently read an article about a study that was done on the effectiveness of the Wii Fit and performance levels.  Common sense seems to point towards “How can a video game replace performance training?”  Well, it can’t.  The subjects who were tested using their RPE (rate of percived exertion) and VO2 Max, performed below standards set by ACSM.  For those people AND children who may be spending a majority of their day on the couch, this is a step in the right direction.  But I still believe, it benefits your body and your day to day life, to push yourself beyond current limits.  Push for that extra 10lbs on your squat, that extra 1 RM DL attempt, or even that last interval sprint.  If you never push, you can never move forward.

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