When your legs shake, you’ve got a good workout!

Written by Melissa

Topics: Daily Meals & Workouts

Since starting the 21 rep squat program, I’ve learned that I can be pushed beyond what I thought I could do.  Increasing the weight, though only 10-20lbs at a time, is really making my quads work to earn their keep!  Monday I did 155lbs, 21 reps, and my legs were shaking for at least 15 minutes.  It was awesome!  It’s good to push your muscle groups, especially your larger muscle groups, in order to increase strength and slowly increase your max weights.  Don’t think squating ONLY works on your quads!  Hitting the larger muscles will help in all exercises where that muscle group is the prime mover but also where is is secondary.  Imagine your 5K time after you’re able to squat 250lbs 21 times……FAST!

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