Welcome back to O-lifting!

Written by Melissa

Topics: Workout of the Day

After a long hiatus from O-lifting due to injury, today was a triumphant day!  No new PR, but for the first day back it was successful.  Another reminder of how important recovery can be for any training program.  Yeah, of course you can push through it, extend the recovery period, and most likely stunt any potential progress.  Or, you can take a week or 2 off, change up your training program, and come back full force and ready to rock!  I choose option 2.

snatch work 3 hang power, 2 hang squat, 1 squat snatch (43#, 53#, 63#, 68#, 73#)

jerk 1 RM(43#, 53#, 63#, 83#, 93#, 103#, 113#, 123# miss)

row 1200m, tabata style (13 rounds, 1269m total)

50 situps


With the proper coaching and the self motivation to take it easy but STILL push through and train, I have reentered the O-lifting circle.  It’s been a LONG time and it’s great to be back!

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