The First Day of the Rest of…… HELL!

Let the training begin….. Today began with the first day, since I had to get back into it yesterday, with the 21 squats @ 115#.  I can tell you the weight is light, it should be so simple, but with that volume and LOTS of time since the last 21 reps, it became tough! 

Workout (8:30 am)

warm up, push ups, 1K row

back squat @ 115#, 21 reps

12 mins of row 300m, max push ups(12, 12, 10, 10, 11)

6 mins of double unders MAX (87)


I felt the pain, good pain, but the next month and ahalf are going to be put the peddle to the metal time.  Let’s get it on!

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