New Week, New Program

Monday marks the beginning of a new training program, or what I will call a lifestyle improvement.  December is coming quickly and that means my competition is creeping up fast.  I have spent the past 2 weeks going easy, and I mean easy, so this Monday it all changes. 

Here’s a breakdown of upcoming months:

Oct13th-Dec 12th Intense squatting, deadlifting, interval training/conditioning

Jan-Feb Training for O-lifting competition

Jan4-March 28th training for half marathon, runs with group to get them up to speed

April 1st-October training for Chicago marathon, working on O-lifting, regular conditioning

Some of the breakdown is vague and is dependant on how my wrist is feeling before the intense O-lifting begins.  If I’m not 100%, I’ll play it safe and either go easy or skip out next year’s competition.  For anyone interested in joining in on the Oakland Half marathon or even if you are feeling ambitious and want to go for the whole shabang, keep an eye out for running plans and please feel free to post your successes.

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