New Program (Thanks Angel!)

6 weeks of Hell ( I don’t doubt this)



Must warm up with oly lifting snatch and clean progressions

Snatch deadlifts

 Hang power snatch

Snatch balance to overhead squat


21 rep squat increasing weight by 5 pounds each set

row/endurcance piece

finish off with “core” exercises like kte,situps,hollow,handstands etc

stretch for 10 minutes



Olympic lifting skillzzzz

This day is meant to increase your skill level without provoking pain on your wrist. It’s a day which will allow you to rest from yesterday and recover for tomorrows wods

Lets plan on doing 1.5 hours to lift(8-930ish)



Deadlifit /Press day go heavy 3×3,3×3 increasing weight with deadlift at an appropriate weight; and press increasing by 5#

DO NOT INCREASE WEIGHT IF FORM FAILS or if you miss a set!!!!

Run wods/run by itself or dynamic shit that kills you for no more than 10 minutes. I can help program this for you as well



Off day – you can do what ever you want- yoga/spin/recover for tomorrow!!!!!!!



21 rep squat

Metcon based on varied movements throughout the 6 weeks



Pure metcons no “heavy” lifting allowed but can do olylifting % within metcon.

Sundays- OFF for Monday


My focus…..eating appropriately for 2 months to be clean & ready for December.

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  1. Mike says:

    good stuff!!

  2. These are the greatest cookbooks I’ve ever owned. The recipes helped me lose weight, then maintain my weight, as well. I can eat anything I want, then I can go to level 1 anytime I want. My blood pressure went down to an average of 110/65. I also work out (Taebo

  3. Melissa says:

    You referencing the Zone and Paleo? Two great books and I honestly have taken things from each. I have clients who follow it and it has helped them lose weight, get stronger, and stay healthy.

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