Don’t limit your goal setting

Written by Melissa

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It is beneficial to focus on ONE goal and put your heart and energy into achieving it, but…..don’t neglect to look ahead.  Though I have been training for the lifting competition in December, focusing on my squat & deadlift, I have another goal of competiting in an O-lifting competition early next year.  How do we keep our eye on both?  Easy!  I use my O-lifting to warm up for my lifting sessions, I use snatches & cleans for my metcon days when resting from heavy lifting, and I remind myself that I want this!  How do you try to get somewhere without knowing where you are going?  You can’t and in training, it only keeps you at status quo……..unfulfilled. 


WOD (day off)

sn balance (45#) 2.3reps, muscle sn (45#) 2.2, squat clean (65#) 5.3

tabata row (817m), sprint 30 seconds/rest 30 seconds, spin 15 mins

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