"Skip the gym, it’s your vacation!"

PLease people! If I hear one more person respond with this sentence when I tell them I am going to workout, I’m going to force them to do 50 burpees! Who said vacation is a time to take a break from health, from an active day? If anything, it is a time to maybe lighten the load a couple days, but for gods sake, don’t risk losing your training advancements for the sake of taking a week off. So not worth it!

2 eggs on wheat toast
mozz cheese

11am (light cardio day)
60 min bike intervals
500m row

salad w/ tom, cuke, mozz, light ranch, avocado

granola bites
iced coffee with soy milk and sf caramel

2 slices pep pizza

sausage w/ peppers & onions (Chicago’s Greatest!)
Fried mozz
cherry icee

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