Pain is your body’s way of telling you it needs something

Dogs point and bark, cats meow, children cry, and when your body needs something from you it will inflict pain or at its worst, injury. I feel like each day my body is telling me to slow down, do more, or take a break, but I just can’t get it into my brain to do the latter. My most recent idea of the week is to start taking either glutamine or some BCAA’s to aid in my recovery and help my lifting schedule. I am weighing the options between each and trying to decide which is more helpful in acheiving my goals.

cottage cheese w/ blueberries & honey

coffee w/ soy & sf caramel

walk 20 minutes

run 10 mins warm up

25# db, 3 rounds, single arm, on each arm:
3 sh press
3 push press
3 push jerks on each arm
between each set: 10 sh raises or presses

ostrich jerky

cabbage w/ corn and light ranch

2 apex cookies

9:30 pm
old fashioned donut (from Bob’s, had to do it!)

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