Yes, walking can be MORE painful then running

After a 14 mile walk, my legs were screaming (not literally, but I think they wanted to if they could). I still run under the belief that running 14 miles can be LESS tiring then walking. Why? Well, it takes half the time to run it first of all. When you’re running you are in “the zone” (or as I like to call it, the-avoid-the-mental-breakdown state of mind) and you can usually push the tightness aside and chug on. Walking seems like a gradual onslaught of pain that creeps up on you so when you stop, it all sets in. It was fun, good company, nice day (in some parts of SF), and good food afterwards :-)

2 eggs/1 egg white
colby cheese/parm cheese
cereal with milk

4 hour/14.3ish mile walk (including hills, hills, AND hills)

jalapeno bagel

pasta w/ red sauce

It is time to use THE STICK! on my legs. Roll those tight spots right on out of there! The pain is well worth the gain.

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