Up at 4 and cycling by 6

WhooHoo, it was awesome to get an hour of spinning in just as the sun was coming up. Fantastic and well worth the early rising. Anyway, workouts done and I’ll post my food so far. I guess I SHOULD put my food up here too…..accountability.

4:30 am
oatmeal w/ honey
cottage cheese

6 am
spin class

7:30 am
coffee w/ soy milk & sugar free caramel syrup
DL OTM, 4 minutes 185#
mu sn 5.3 reps (45#, 55#, 65#, 65#, 65#)
15 minutes elliptical

8:15 am
turkey sandwich, roasted peppers, pickle, tomato, lettuce

coffee w/ sugar free caramel syrup, whole milk
bike 20 minutes

1c cottage cheese w/ honey
cabbage, 2Tb guacamole, 1/2 can corn

Probably eat 2 more times today but right now, it’s nap time!

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