I was bad today :-s

So I took advantage of the fact that on my day off yesterday I worked out AND that it was Sunday today. I’m going to go ahead and put the bad with the ugly and log my food today. Oh lord, tomorrow it’s back to reality.

9 am
cottage cheese
coffee w/ sugar free creamer

1 min sprint/1 min rest X 8
tabata row 793m
bench 4.3 reps (85#), 2.3reps (95#)

chix quesidilla
margarita on the rocks

fork full of key lime cheesecake (yum!)
2 jack daniels & ginger

chix tikka masala
1 naan
6 sweet balls w/ rice pudding

Ugh, I was good and stopped myself at the indian buffet, but I always pay the price for going….and it is WELL worth the pain!

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