Happy Warm Weekend of Fun

Oh boy, how good it feels to be Saturday! Woke up early for clients, worked out, laundry in process and heading out to midnight bowling tonight. Fabulous! That means a nap will be in order or else I’ll be asleep by 9 like an 80 year old woman!

7 am
2 eggs/3 whites
wheat bread with honey on top

10 am
apex cookie (not good but I was starving and lazy)

Workout 3 pm
bike 30 mins (easy bike, legs tight)
10 mins elliptical
5.3 reps thrusters 85#

4 pm
1/2 head iceburg lettuce
light caeser dressing

6:30 pm
cottage cheese w/ honey
2 slice bread

I am getting to the point where I want to blog ASAP. I would do almost ANYTHING to avoid burpees. For others, I cannot say the same 😉

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