Don’t forget the secondary workouts

While I’m trying to regain focus for my competition in December, I have rerouted my lifting schedule to ensure I am focusing on 1 of 3 lifts everyday. The hard part? What to do for my workouts on those days. I have made an attempt to structure my workouts each day to incorporate the secondary muscle groups that I am using to squat, DL, and bench. I attempted to bench light today, but my wrist is still acting up and so I thought it best to save it for Thursday and try it again. In the meantime, I am trying to keep my chest/arms active with things that don’t require me to put pressure on my wrist. We should be back to normal by end of week, but in the meantime, squats & DL like crazy!


cottage cheesew/ strawberries


spin class


tricep pushdown/Y pulldown 4.10reps each (50#/40# X3, 60#/45# X1)

5 min walk

1 min sprint/1 min rest X4

walk 2 mins

tabata sprints

5 min walk


turkey on roll w/ cheese, lettuce, tom


muscle milk light


cabbage w/ corn, light italian

cottage cheese

6 meatless meatballs


apex cookie (yuck!)

red bull

1c corn w/ parm

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