Aree you Ready for some Football!

It is that time, football season, SWEET! As much as I love baseball, football is my all time fave for sports. Let’s hope the 49ers don’t suck as bad as they have recently. I have hope… Good day today, but my arms were at a loss fr strength this morning. Not really sure what the issue was, considering what I did yesterday, but maybe I was just tired out. Sucks!

7 am
oatmealw/ peanut butter

8 am
high hang cleans off the box
jump squats 7.2 reps off the box (end 255#)
jerk practice (got up to 125# and my arms just coudln’t do it, kind of pissed)

run 400m
KB swings 53#
push ups
run 400m
TIME: 8:50

can of tuna
light ranch dressing

light ceaser

3 glasses of wine

choc, pb, vanilla, ice cream cone
pad thai
1c tric cereal

Rough morning and probably should have done some more in the afternoon, but instead decided to do errands and enjoy some wine 😀

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