The Rough and Tough Push Through the Valleys

Oh…my….lord….I have experienced “the week” in which my workouts feel that much tougher, my motivation is at a minimal level, and everything that seemed so easy takes that much more effort. I know you all have felt this before, whatever your workout level may be. As much as it hurts, it is the best week during you training period. Why? Because it focuses your energy on your weaknesses.

“The Week” is the time when you can’t hide from that inability to sustain that light squat for 5 minutes or when you focus on the fact that it’s about time to get that 1RM DL up. I seem to have this about once every couple months, right about the time when I need to shake things up a little bit.

The Solution: Sit down and take a look at what you have been incorporating into your workouts and what you leave out, most likely because that is what you AREN’T so good at. Switch it up, lighten the weight and boost that time or reps up. DL a couple times a week at a heavier weight for 3 or 5 reps. Change it UP!! Personally, I know that I LIKE to lift heavy, and it shows during the week of self actualization.

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