Workout Addendum

So with my current workout schedule, I have allocated Monday for heavy squating including 1RM, Thursday for heavy bench press, and Sunday as my long day which usually entails a 2+ hour mish mosh workout with one or 2 heavy pieces. I have noticed my weakness in Benching and my slow (at least to my standards) increases in my squat. So, I have decided to make a couple changes…

Monday: Heavy Squat(90%+)/Bench Press(under 80%)
Tuesday: AOD/cardio, light O-lifting, etc..
Wednesday: FREE DAY (O-lifting practice, light DL, metcons)
Thursday: Heavy Bench Press(1RM)/Light Squat(can be fr sq, OHS, or back sq under 90%)
Friday: AOD/cardio, metcon, heavy upper body
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: Long Day (heavy lift, cardio, metcon, O-lifting practice)

My goal is to get my squat up quicker to 250# and my bench press up to a comfortable 180#. December is the competition and it is go time!

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