The Board of Fame

So I’ve had this board in my room for tracking workouts and decided to add in my PR’s, in order to focus on what I want to work on for the day/week. Most people gawk when I tell them I have a whiteboard in my bedroom with workouts on it, but they just don’t get it. Notice two important things…..1. “Dec 12th” the date of my competition and the first experience of putting my strength on display, and 2. The OFF day. You know how hard it is to take an “OFF” day?? I don’t think you do! Damn near impossible!

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  1. AOD says:

    What did you have for dinner?

  2. Melliefarrell says:

    Oh lord, yesterday I had tuna w/ a pickle and light ranch. And, cottage cheese with honey. Food has been not the best, but not too too bad.

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