Start over from the beginning

Ok, geting my ass in gear……we’re starting this thing for real! My goal is to strengthen myself by working on my weaknesses for the next month and a half. I’ve realized some things…..

1. I LOVE sugar
2. I LOVE to lift
3. I LOVE to eat

1. I HATE cardio
2. I HATE failure
3. I HATE burpees

Now that we have that all figured out, here is my plan. Let it help you or not, but here it is. For the next 6 weeks I will make 3 changes; 1) No refined sugars with the exception of once per week (hey, everyone needs a “cheat” day), 2) 1 hour of cardio, 4 days per week, and 3) 3 double workout days per week (will entail strength piece and either spin class, run, or metcon with lift practice incorporated)

Food, good! Strength, good! Consistency, BAD! This will work and the goal to attain is a 10 lb loss by June 25th……it is now in words and will therefore happen. Oh yes, it will be mine!

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